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BGPLOT - An Extended SNMPlot for BGP/TCP inspection

BGPlot is an extended version of SCNMPlot, which is in turn based on jPlot. SCNMPlot extends "the ability of jPlot by allowing the user to overlay multiple plots in one view and remove color layers from the individual plots". In BGPlot, we add new features to help analyze BGP and TCP data traces, including (1) parse and display BGP messages correlated to TCP packets, (2) synchronized time ranges of multiple plots.

Example Usage

1. Display BGP messages

A new option (-z) is included to display the TCP sequence graph together with the BGP messages. Drag the mouse while pressing the ctrl key, and BGPlot would list the BGP messages/prefixes carried in the selected packets. The BGP message file should be in the BGP text format.
$ ./BGPlot example.xpl -z example.bgp.txt   # Display example.xpl (TCP sequence graph), 
                                            # overlay with BGP text messages

2. Synchronized display of multiple plots

BGPlot provides a synchronized view across multiple plots. Drag the mouse while pressing the shift key, and then all plots would be zoomed-in to the specified time ranges. This allows the investigation of correlation among different plots.
$ ./BGPlot tcp.xpl series.xpl   # Synchronized display of TCP sequence graph
                                # and the POI series graphs (check T-DAT for more detail)