About the BGP Parser

The IRL BGP Parser converts BGP messages stored in binary MRT format to human-readbable XML format. The XML format is compatible with the output of CSU BgpMon and it's described in this document

The IRL BGP Parser specifically addresses some bugs that were found in widely used RIPE's bgpdump code, such as:

  • Incorrect merging of ASPATH and CONFED_SEQ attributes
  • Invalid NEXTHOP attributes being displayed as
  • If a BGP update contains both withdrawals and announcements, bgpdump would only display withdrawals
  • Mixing of unicast and multicast announcements in the same output


Legacy version:

New version (requires boost libraries):


Slide presentation


The IRL BGP Parser was initially coded by Jason Ryder, Paul Wang and Alex Wang. Further code development was done by Jonathan ParkPayne Cheng, and Alexander Afanasyev.


Please report bugs/comments/suggestions to bgp-parser@cs.ucla.edu.