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Research Summary

I am a postdoctoral researcher working in the Internet Research Lab at UCLA. I finished my Ph.D. at UCLA in Summer 2007 under the supervision of Prof. Lixia Zhang and Dr. Dan Massey. My Ph.D. research focused on understanding behavior of large scale distributed systems. In particular, I am interested in design and analysis of routing protocols. One of the outcomes of this work is Link-Rank, a tool to understand BGP routing changes and identify and diagnose problems in the Internet. I am also interested in automated attack detection and security in large scale systems. PHAS is a project to alert about prefix hijacking incidents in the Internet.

Fun Stuff

  • A quickly prepared talk at the Sigcomm 2007 Outrageous Opinion Session on NAG: Motivational Deployment of Networked Systems. Slides
  • My talk at Sigcomm 2006 Outrageous Opinion Session on a new philosophy to solve security problems.
  • Ph.D. Comics


Lixia Zhang, UCLA.
Dan Massey, Colorado State University.
Dan Pei, AT&T Research Labs
Beichuan Zhang, University of Arizona
Ricardo Oliveira, UCLA