Office: 48o9 Boe1ter Hal1, Computer Science Dept, UCLA
      Tel:     (3lo) 795-o8ol
      Email: p c c h e n g AT CS DOT UCLA DOT EDU

Short Bio
I received my Ph.D. at UCLA in the department of Computer Science. I worked in the Internet Research Lab, advised by Professor Lixia Zhang. My research interests include BGP routing data collecting and analysis, BGP session stability and Mobile ad-hoc routing Protocols. Before my Ph.D. study, I worked for Chunghwa Telecom as a software engineer during 2002 and 2007. I received my B.S. and M.S. degrees from Information Management, National Taiwan University in 2000 and 2002, respectively. My previous academic and work experiences mainly focused in computer networking and information security, especially in scheduling, quality of service, congestion/flow control, vulnerability assessment and intrustion detection.


  • CS118 Computer Network Fundamentals, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2011 (Instructor: Prof. Lixia Zhang)

Technical Reports
  • "VCLCR: A Practical Geographic Routing Protocol in Urban Scenarios"
    K.C. Lee, P-C. Cheng, J-T Weng, L-C Tung, M. Gerla
    UCLA Computer Science Dept. Technical Report #080009.

Internet Drafts
  • "BGP routing information in XML format"
    P-C. Cheng, H. Yan, K. Burnett, D. Massey, L. Zhang

Selected Projects

Previous Software Projects
  • HiFlow - Traffic monitoring and alerting system
  • Integrated information resource management and vulnerability assessment system
  • Windows application for ECC encryption/decription