ndn-cxx is a C++ library, implementing Named Data Networking (NDN) primitives that can be used to implement various NDN applications. ndn-cxx is the only library that provides effective security support for NDN applications, including automated trust management, key management, and etc..


ChronoSync is a decentralized synchronization protocol in Named Data Networking (NDN). The new library is demonstarted through ChronoChat, a multi-party decentralized chat application in NDN.

Signature Logger

In NDN, the security model shifts from connection-oriented security to obejct-oriented security. However, the lifetime of objects may not match the lifetime of object's signature. We solved this problem by providing a distributed signature logger, which records the history of signatures and can be audited. With this system, an "expired" signature can still be validated with the history information stored in the logger.

Name-based Access Control

We explored content-based confidentiality as another pillar of NDN security. Content is encrypted at the time of production, so that its secrecy is independent of any intermediate devices including routers, data storage, proxies. We designed name-based access control protocol and implemented a application level library to facilitate content encryption and key distribution in order to fully support content-based confidentiality in NDN.

Measure deployment of DNS validators

DNSSEC deployment is still in progress. We measured the deployment of DNSSEC at the resolver side. We designed a set of tools to detect DNSSEC validation behaviors and identify the implementation of DNSSEC validators. We also infer the impact of DNSSEC deployment on end users.

DNS Robustness Evaluation

In this project, we want to understand the robustness of current DNS services infrastructure. I colaborated with Dr. Eric Osterweil and Jiwen Cai on this project. You can learn more about this project on its website.

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