About Me

I am a first year Computer Science master student at the University of California, Los Angeles and expect to graduate in December 2017. As a member of the Internet Reseach Laboratory, working under Professor Lixia Zhang, I am working on ChronoShare, a decentralized file sharing application based on Named Data Networking (NDN). I am interested in network protocal, algorithm and C++ programming.

I received my B.Eng in Information Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), where I joined the State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, working with Professor Xiuquan Qiao. During my studies, I published three papers at the top international conferences and journals like Sigcomm and Computer Network. Besides, I interned at Red Hat for half a year where I worked with a team on automation testing. My work at Red Hat required liaising with experienced programmers mainly from Europe and Australia.

Yukai Tu


MS in Computer Science

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

GPA: 4.0/4.0

Sept. 2016 - Dec. 2017 (Expected)

BE in Information Engineering

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)

GPA: 87.0/100.0

Sept. 2012 - July 2016

Job Experiences

Quality Engineer Intern

Red Hat, Inc.

Jan. 2016 - June 2016

Capability : Python, Robot Framework, Selenium, Git/Gerrit.

Implemented over 300 web UI automation testing cases for project PELC. Increased the testing coverage from 0% to over 90%. During the carse of the project, automation testing found more than 10 major bugs.

Implemented automation testing for compose tools including project distill and pungi4 independently. Designed and implemented over 150 cases. Presented a tech share about compose tools in PnT DevOps team.

Selected Projects

Named Data Networking (NDN) Projects

C++, Boost, Waf, gerrit

July 2015 - Present

Rewrote and updated the ChronoShare, a decentralized file sharing application over NDN.

Participated in the release of version 0.4.0-beta1 of NFD. Rewrote Face module in NFD

Distributed Document Crawler and Retrieval System

Python, Kafka, Elasticsearch, NoSQL, Java.

Sept. 2015 - Jan. 2016

Developed a distributed crawler system which crawled more than 1 million court records using Python, Kafka and NoSQL database. Set the anti-interrupt mechanism in the crawler.

Developed a search engine for retrieving court documents using Elasticsearch and Java. Visualized the results using Kibana.

Extended Web Server for Content-Centric Networking (CCN)

Java, Tomcat.

July 2014 - May 2015

Implemented a cache structure(including a hash table, a trietree and a jumplist) in an open source project CCNxTomcat based on Tomcat.

Implemented the file upload logic at the client end CCN Web Browser and the server end CCNxTomcat .

Proposed and implemented a packets scheduling mechanism for CCNxTomcat which reduced average delay for requests by 30%.


A Priority-based Dynamic Web Requests Scheduling for Web Servers over Content-Centric Networking

IEEE HotWeb 2015

Yukai Tu, Xiuquan Qiao, Guoshun Nan, junliang Chen.

Design and Implementation the Native Web Browser and Server for Content-Centric Networking.

ACM Sigcomm 2015, Poster

Guoshun Nan, Xiuquan Qiao, Yukai Tu, Wei Tan, Lei Guo, junliang Chen.

CCNxTomcat: An extended web server for Content-Centric Networking

Computer Networks 2014

Xiuquan Qiao, Guoshun Nan, Wei Tan, Lei Guo, Junliang Chen, Wei Quan, Yukai Tu.

Programming Skills


70% Complete


70% Complete


60% Complete


60% Complete


60% Complete


50% Complete

Web Application

50% Complete


Yukai has been exceeding my expectations on any undergraduates. What impressed me most was that he was not afraid of difficulties of research and his ability to solve problems independently.

BUPT State Key Laboratory

Prof. Xiuquan Qiao

As far as I know, Yukai is a hard-working and self-motivated student. He is able to dive deep into hard topic, work independently and contribute some components to the CCN browser and server software. This not only shows his ability to learn and adapt to a new topic, but also demonstrates his good programming skills.

IBM T. J. Watson Research Staff

Dr. Wei Tan