About Me

Born in Chongqing China 1993, started out programming at age of fourteen, I am currently a master student in computer science at University of California, Los Angeles. It is enjoyable to work at Internet Reseach Laboratory led by Professor Lixia Zhang, especially writing modern C++ through a production-level process. Currently I am working on Domain Name Service for Named Data Networking(NDNS). Check it out on our gerrit .

Formerly, I received a B.Eng in computer science at Xi'an Jiaotong University. While being there. I won a Silver medal of ACM-ICPC Asia regional Guangzhou site 2014 as the captain of team 'StRcPy'. Besides, I co-founded PerkSummit®, which is now one of the most influential extra-curricular activity in southwestern China.


M.S. Degree major in Computer Science (expected),
University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.
GPA: 3.97 / 4.00

Sept. 2016 - Dec. 2017

B.Eng Degree in Computer Science and Technology,
Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi, China
Major GPA: 88 / 100

Sept. 2012 - June 2016

Academic Experience

Research in Named Data Networking (NDN),
System software development in modern C++
  • Domain Name Service for Named Data Networking (NDNS). Design and implementation of: the NDNS security schema, NEC-like denial of existence, cache resolver, validator, and a certificate fetcher for NDNS. Publication at ICCCN: NDNS. Source code: gerrit
  • Implementation and evaluation of several NDN cache policies based on NDNsim: github repo
Aug. 2015 – present
The ACM/ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest
Captain of team ‘StRcPy’ & assistant coach of XJTU
  • Silver Medal of The ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Guangzhou Site 2014
  • Gold Medal and Fifth Place of The ACM-ICPC Multi-Provincial Programming Contest Chengdu Site 2013
  • Gold Medal and First Place of The ACM-ICPC Shaanxi Provincial Programming Contest 2013
  • Web-Based ACM Training System of XJTU, abilities includes remote code submitting and judging, code management among ACM competitors in XJTU, and training plan management.
Sept. 2012 – Sept. 2015

Industrial Experience

Google, Display & Video Ads Team
Software Engineering Intern
MTV, California, USA
  • A screen-diff test tool: when a rendering-server-related code change is submitted for code review, this tool will be triggered automatically, to build and run two different version ofrendering server,replay traffic,renderthe returned result HTML content into images, and compare the rendered image. Unexpected differences will be captured and screen-diff image, alone with html differences, will be reported to the submitter.
  • A protobuf search tool: For a given query (SQL-like syntax on semi-structure protobuf fields),returns a set of matched protobufs. This tool extracts 1M protobufs out from 30GB binary logs hourly, indexes specified fields, and save them to a NoSQL database. It can return a result set in less than one second, out from 30M protobufs. The query syntx support exact orfuzzy match, on all types of protobuf fields (e.g. int, string, enum, and nested fields..), and it supports the ’has-a’ query on ’repeated fields’ (array), which can be combined with both fuzzy/exact match.
Jun. 2017 – Sept. 2017
Chongqing PERK Culture Communication Co., Ltd
CTO & Co-founder
Full stack developer of web application
  • Designed and developed a web application (called ‘.Flip’ ) to support PerkSummit®, one of the most influential student conferences in southwestern China.
  • This system includes student application management system, class enrollment, payment interface, a game-like achievement record system, and a Facebook-like social network.
  • Used by thousands of students and the admission committee of PerkSummit®.
  • Server-side: PHP, CodeIgniter framework; Client-side: Bootstrap, jQuery; Database: MySQL.
Jan. 2013 – Aug. 2016

Selected Projects

  • TrustCoq: Using machine-checked formal verification technique(Coq) to proof termination on a domain-specific language. The language describes the security schema of NDN applications. Specifically, this project formally proofef that, as long as a polcy, described in this language, can pass the termination check, it will terminate in a finite number of steps.
  • DUCK: a dynamic universal software system visualization kit. This tool execute syntactical analysis on source code to produce interactive query-able figures to help programmer understand the software structure. The query-able interative feature addresses the scalability issue of visulization by letting user specify the what they want. Currently, C++ are supportted, based on libclang.
  • Smart Gas Guardian: a smart home device prototype that could automatically adjust house’s moisture and temperature, detect hazardous gases using MQ series sensor, and send alert message to user’s phone if an emergency happens, using Raspberry Pi as gateway, connected to devices via Bluetooth.
  • A pipelined CPU implementation on FPGA chips with the MIPS32 instruction set, using High-Level Synthesis Technique of Xilinx.

Email: yumin[at]