Current members

Lixia Zhang

Principal Investigator

Alexander Afanasyev

Graduated in 2013
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Thesis: Addressing Operational Challenges in Named Data Networking Through NDNS Distributed Database

Wentao Shang

PhD Student

Spyridon Mastorakis

Ph.D. Student

Haitao Zhang

Ph.D. Student

Yingdi Yu

Thesis: Usable Security for Named Data Networking


Michael Sweatt (M.S., Bloomberg)

Graduated in 2016

Qiuhan Ding (M.S., Google, Mountain View, CA)

Graduated in 2015
Thesis: Masters

Ilya Moiseenko (Cisco, Boston, MA)

Graduated in 2015

Xingyu Ma (M.S., Facebook)

Graduated in 2014
Thesis: Masters

Zhenkai Zhu (Uber, San Francisco, CA)

Graduated in 2013
Thesis: Support Mobile and Distributed Applications with Named Data Networking

Jiwen Cai (M.S., Google)

Graduated in 2012
Thesis: Masters

Peichun (Payne) Cheng (Cisco)

Graduated in 2012
Thesis: Understanding the BGP Transport Delay

Lucas (Jiangzhe) Wang (M.S., LinkedIn)

Graduated in 2012
Thesis: Masters

Michael Meisel (ThousandEyes, San Francisco, CA)

Graduated in 2011
Thesis: BOND: Unifying Mobile Networks with Named Data

Jong Han (Jonathan) Park (AT&T Labs, Middletown, NJ)

Graduated in 2011
Thesis: Understanding the Impact of Internal BGP Route Reflection

Eric Osterweil (VeriSign)

Graduated in 2010
Thesis: Measurable Security: a New Substrate for DNSSEC

Ricardo V. Oliveira (ThousandEyes, San Francisco, CA)

Graduated in 2009
Thesis: Understanding the Internet AS-level Structure

Mohit Lad (ThousandEyes, San Francisco, CA)

Graduated in 2007
Thesis: Understanding and Diagnosing Routing Dynamics in Global Internet

Vasileios Pappas (IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY)

Graduated in 2006

Dan Pei (Associate Professor in Computer Science Department, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

Graduated in 2005

Lan Wang (Associate Professor, University of Memphis, TN)

Graduated in 2004
Thesis: Improving Internet Resilience through Lightweight Preventive Detection (LPD) and Persistent Detection & Recovery (PDR)

Fan Ye (IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY)

Graduated in 2004
Thesis: Building Resilient Sensor Networks by Exploiting Scale and Redundancy

Nelson Tang (Northrop Grumman Mission Systems)

Graduated in 2003

Beichuan Zhang (Associate Professor at University of Arizona)

Graduated in 2003

Yixin Jin (Senior Software Engineer, Sandvine Inc.)

Graduated in 2001

Dan Massey (Associate Professor at Colorado State University)

Graduated in 2000

Andreas Terzis (Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University)

Graduated in 2000

Jun Wei (Member of Technical Staff, Huawei Research, California)

Graduated in 2000

Xiaoke Jiang (Visiting Ph.D. Student from Tsinghua University)

Graduated in

Yu Zhang (Visiting scholar)

Graduated in